Canadian Pharmacy Online

The prices of prescription drugs in the United States are among the highest in the world. Users who require regular treatment, discover that they can not afford them the necessary medicines. Cheaper drugs from Canada, respectively, is something that more and more people are resorting to their treatment in the United States. The savings can be quite high - they save up to 80% of the price of a prescription drug.

Why drugs from Canada are cheap?

Pharmaceutical companies in the United States relentlessly opposed not only price controls of prescription drugs, but also on the importation of cheaper drugs from other countries. Their motivation is determined not by greed, and an increase in investment finance required for the research, discovery and the creation of new and more effective drugs. Accordingly, without the revenue from prescription drugs, new research can not be financed.

“Canadian drugs are cheaper because the prices for these prescription drugs are fixed. This does not mean that drugs are inferior in quality of medicines produced in the United States. In new fact 2016 the pricing of the Canadian drugs regulated by Health Canada's bill. Such an organization in the United States - the regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”

Import from Canadain Pharmacy

Importation of drugs from Canada must be lawful, but only for those drugs that have been approved and verified by Health Canada. The survey also found that more than one out of ten Americans buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.