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It's no secret that modern medicines are very expensive. Today, many people suffer from any other disease, and forced to take medication, looking for new ways to reduce this cost. The optimal solution to this situation is a joint purchase drugs. It might seem that the idea of some strange, because usually when a person is in pain, he or goes to the doctor, or is sent to the pharmacy for a proven remedy, and certainly not looking for on the Internet, "the company" to buy a tablet. However, we are not talking about those who are sick from time to time, and for those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Joint procurement of medicines to help acquire the necessary preparations for the wholesale price, which is lower than the retail. Of course, the discount will spread to all those who participated in the purchase, and may not seem as substantial as we would like. However, if you make purchases on a regular basis, you will eventually get a big savings.

In such events plays an important role and a psychological factor: socializing with friends in misfortune, the person starts to feel better, because he realizes that he is not alone in facing this problem. Besides, you can always consult doctors about the side effects of a drug, and more.

How to organize a joint purchase of drugs? Collaborative online purchases today are very popular, but usually at wholesale prices buy household goods, cosmetics, shoes and clothes. The joint purchase of medicines - a new practice, although it is gradually gaining momentum. It is important to pay attention to the reputation of the person who is the organizer of this venture, because the drug must be of extremely high quality, and in any case not a fake.

“Arrange the purchase of medicines and can be yourself. this will avoid the risks. To do this you need to find a wholesale supplier (pharmaceutical company) and learn all the conditions of wholesale purchase (shipping costs, what should be the minimum wholesale party). Then invite joint acquisition of drugs at a specialized forum: such sites on the Internet, there is a huge amount. To promote the idea of fit and social networks: you can, for example, to create a thematic group here. It is important that all participants in the procurement made the final decision regarding the purchase of goods, because in the event of failure of one of the participants will fall on the shoulders of other additional costs.”

Import from Canadain Pharmacy

Importation of drugs from Canada must be lawful, but only for those drugs that have been approved and verified by Health Canada. The survey also found that more than one out of ten Americans buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.