When to join, switch or drop a Medicare advantage plan

Are you already in a Medicare advantage plan and you want to switch to the 2019 plan?  Do you have a Medicare Advantage 2018 plan? It is much easier than you think, every year you have to renew your Medicare advantage plan in older to enroll to the next year’s plan which will be your new Medicare advantage plan. For you to switch to a new Medicare advantage plan there are some information that you need to understand which includes;

If you are planning to switch to another Medicare advantage plan, you have to join the plan that you choose during the enrollment period. There is no big deal on this because you will be dis-enrolled automatically from the old Medicare plan to the new one immediately when the coverage begins.

You can also probably choose to switch to the original Medicare advantage plans. It is also simple to do so, just contact your recent Medicare plan and the procedure will be done as required. In some cases, you may find that a person has other drug coverage, that will require a “Medicare prescription drug coverage” part D. for your own advantage you may also consider a “Medicare supplement insurance policy”.

Do not forget that switching from one Medicare advantage plans to another is done on certain periods of time, it is not all the time that you will do the changes.

what if you have other coverage?

If you are employed and you already have a union or employer coverage you may lose it if you enroll for the Medicare advantage plans. It is advisable to talk to your employer or any other benefit administrator and understand their rules before you decide to join a Medicare advantage plan. The other thing is that if end up losing coverage for yourself, it is possible to also lose coverage for your dependents.

On the other hand, some employees can enroll or join a Medicare advantage plan and still retain the employee or union coverage. So it is good to first know the whether the rules of your union allows to have both coverage plans. Make a wise decision that will benefit you.  Dropping your union or employer coverage is tricky because you find yourself losing it forever since it is hard to get it back.

Be wise and know whether to drop one and pick one. Medicare advantage plans are beneficial to those who have joined.