Medicare and its history

Medicare Insurance was born as an initiative of a health program that seeks to support the elderly and the disabled when they have a medical emergency. Although, the history of insurance is somewhat long since they date back many years, however, Medicare has had different characteristics that have made its history one of the most interesting. Being sponsored by the government, it is one of the decisions that the US government has taken that has caused more commotion since it is not clearly related to the private sector.

Medicare begins in 1965 when the bill that creates the health program is presented and approved by an overwhelming majority before both houses of Congress and from there is converted into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

After that epic moment, the years went by and Medicare Insurance was getting many more people who believed in this program to the point that in 1966 more than 19 million people who were over 65 had enrolled in Medicare Insurance. So it goes into effect on July 1.

After this great victory, Medicare was strengthened with respect to each of the plans that were developed. Evidence of this is when in 1972 President Richard Nixon extends Medicare coverage for people under 65 who have disabilities. With this, a great step was taken for the inclusion of the minorities within the country that most need help. Here, Medicare was gaining strength and became one of the heavy federal programs.

Subsequently, in 1997 Medicare Insurance acquires one of its greatest characteristics to date, which involves private institutions. As such, it allows people to choose an HMO-type plan instead of a fee-for-service plan, which became known as Medicare Advantage.

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By 2003, Medicare already has a great track record, but President Bush greatly improves his reach by adding the option that allows beneficiaries to buy a prescription drug plan. This way it is much easier to get the recipes that the doctors send so that everyone can improve quickly. In addition, home services are integrated into part A and part B.

Medicare Part D begins to work efficiently in 2006 and then in 2010 President Obama signs the Affordable Care Act that adds preventive services to Medicare and expands prescription coverage. This law demonstrates the interest of the federal government in improving the health of US citizens and also in improving the program.

As time went by, minor reforms were made as this brought positive changes for all people using Medicare, especially retirees. Finally, in 2016 Medicare Insurance has more than 57 million registered people, approximately 15% of the American population, and it is expected that this number will continue to increase as the years go by.

Currently, in 2018, Medicare has improved its attention to the public through its system of questions and answers over the phone and through the website. They have realized that it is really important to be close to people and know what they really need to give them what they really need.

How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans?

There are 10 different Medicare Supplement plans available in most states of the United States. Each plan is designed to offers specific coverage for particular health-care costs. For example, Medigap Plan A will have the same benefits regardless of which state you live in or which insurance company you buy plans from. In case, you are living in Massachusetts, Minnesota or Wisconsin, the Medigap plans in these states are standardized differently than other states.

Medicare plans for most states are Plan, A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M,and N. Almost all plans cover benefits of Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted. Plan F is available in high deductible version as well. Using a high deductible plan F, beneficiary can pay for all Medicare-covered costs until you reach the deductible of $2,249 in 2018 before your Medigap plan pays anything.

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Plan N pays 100% of the Medicare Plan B coinsurance. But, it also has some exceptions- Certain office visits may require a copayment of up to $20, and emergency room visits that do not result in your being admitted as an inpatient may need a copayment of up to $50.

Once you reach the annual out-of-pocket spending limit and your Medicare Part B deductible, your Medigap plan pays 100% of Medicare-covered costs for the remainder of the calendar year.

Before buying any Medigap plan, you need to find a Medigap or other Medicare Supplement plans that fit your needs. You should search for private companies offering such plans, and should read about them. You need to understand that what kinds of health-care costs coverage they offer, and whether they meet your requirement well or not.

All Medicare Supplement Plans- A to N are meant to supplement your Original Medicare plans. You simply need to understand what benefits they offer, and invest wisely.



Choose the suitable Medicare Supplement Plans quote

Medicare supplements plan acts as a supplement to your health insurance. They cover your extra, out of the pocket expenses which Original Medicare doesn’t cover. The healthcare expenses covered by Medicare supplement plans or Medigap policies are coinsurances, copayments, deductibles etc. These kinds of supplementary health care policies play a very important role along with Medicare policies. The Original Medicare policies pay its portion of the insurance at first, and then whatever expense is left, that is covered by the Medigap policies. All the private insurance companies are licensed and authorized to sell Medigap policies.

Major reasons to enrol in Medicare supplement plans:

  1. Save yourself from paying huge medical bills:

 If you have to buy costly medical supplies and medicines regularly, then you must be burdened with the huge amount of bills. If you are a part of Part B health insurance plan, then 80% of your expenses will be borne by the government and remaining 20% will be borne by you. Medigap policies help you take care of this remaining 20% as well.

  1. Get your medical bills covered when in abroad as well:

If you are flying abroad to some other countries due to any reason, then also if something happens there, Medigap policies will take care of it which other insurance do not cover.

  1. All the policies are renewable after a certain period:

No matter what policy you choose, it will be renewed automatically every year as long as you are paying your premium. No insurance company can cut you off of your insurance plan no matter what health issues you have.

  1. Different kinds of plans:

There are 12 different Medigap plans from Plan A to Plan L. The plans cover most of the expenses have a higher premium, on the hand the plans covering lesser expenses has lesser premiums.

  1. Standardized policies:

All the 12 different plans of Medigap policies are standardized according to law and order of the federal government. The benefits provided are same for each and every plan. This is an important thing to note while comparing plans.

  1. Switch to other plans conveniently within a period:

You can switch to other plans of Medigap policies if you want. When the coverage of the other plans starts, you are given 30 days to decide whether or not you want to continue with your old plan or dismiss the old and start this new plan as your health insurance.

Best Places to Retire in the U.S

Whether you retire because you are eligible for pension benefits or your health does not allow you to work any longer, there are many things to think about as you approach retirement. One of the main concerns of retirees is where and how they would live? Which town offers more activities and benefits for seniors? Where can they get the best insurance and medical supplement plans? However, in the U.S there is a variety of options for people who are retired or are gradually approaching retirement. Some of the best recommended places for retirement are briefly discussed in this article.

Athens, Georgia:

An extremely successful and bustling university town of 120,000, east of Atlanta. A perfect place for the seniors to live. It offers many interesting restaurants, nightclubs, music stores, sidewalk cafes, bars, bookstores and shops. Moreover, the housing choices are quite varied, with different neighborhoods to choose from.

Bella Vista, Arkansas:

A foothill town in the northwest corner of Arkansas, this town offers great outdoor activities and recreational opportunities. It is full of beautiful trees, lakes and hiking trails while being close to shopping and city activities. Housing cost is relatively low, there are lake houses and close by smaller, middle class homes as well.

Boise, Idaho:

Boise is medium sized city in Idaho which is also a great retirement community. It offers many fun activities and a great life style for people over 50. It is home to many small businesses it has a wide range of shopping, amusement and dining opportunities plus a new theater complex. Boise has a great mix of affordable new and old neighborhoods and there are many communities for active adults which makes it a great place for people to retire.

Port Charlotte, Florida:

Port charlotte is located in Florida and charms many senior citizens because of its warm winters. The house rents are quite affordable and it is perfect place for boating, fishing, and golfing. It has shopping malls, theatres and other cultural opportunities along with good restaurants. Most retired people come here to spend winters and enjoy dozens of active adult developments and communities.

San Marcos, Texas:

San Marcos is a small riverfront college town between Austin and San Antonio. It has numerous historical sites and the country’s largest outlet shopping center. This pretty little town has two rivers flowing through it with parks and natural trails along their sides. It is decently priced for housing with low cost of living than the national average. There are all sorts of restaurants for great dining experiences.

Green Valley, Arizona:

It is basically a collection of dozens of retirement communities and developments in southern Arizona. There are numerous homeowner associations in Green valley, it is surrounded by copper mines, and great hiking and birding mountain areas. Green valley provides many opportunities for arts and entertainment, and fine dining. Cost of living is below national average with a large variety of home associations to choose from.

Living care-free after retirement is what everyone dreams of, but it requires planning and wise investments. Save money and Invest in additional health insurance policies such as Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 to be relaxed about your medical bills. Do a little research prior retirement about the best places in USA to retire so that you have a clear idea which place suits you best and where you want to live after your retirement.


When to join, switch or drop a Medicare advantage plan

Are you already in a Medicare advantage plan and you want to switch to the 2019 plan?  Do you have a Medicare Advantage 2018 plan? It is much easier than you think, every year you have to renew your Medicare advantage plan in older to enroll to the next year’s plan which will be your new Medicare advantage plan. For you to switch to a new Medicare advantage plan there are some information that you need to understand which includes;

If you are planning to switch to another Medicare advantage plan, you have to join the plan that you choose during the enrollment period. There is no big deal on this because you will be dis-enrolled automatically from the old Medicare plan to the new one immediately when the coverage begins.

You can also probably choose to switch to the original Medicare advantage plans. It is also simple to do so, just contact your recent Medicare plan and the procedure will be done as required. In some cases, you may find that a person has other drug coverage, that will require a “Medicare prescription drug coverage” part D. for your own advantage you may also consider a “Medicare supplement insurance policy”.

Do not forget that switching from one Medicare advantage plans to another is done on certain periods of time, it is not all the time that you will do the changes.

what if you have other coverage?

If you are employed and you already have a union or employer coverage you may lose it if you enroll for the Medicare advantage plans. It is advisable to talk to your employer or any other benefit administrator and understand their rules before you decide to join a Medicare advantage plan. The other thing is that if end up losing coverage for yourself, it is possible to also lose coverage for your dependents.

On the other hand, some employees can enroll or join a Medicare advantage plan and still retain the employee or union coverage. So it is good to first know the whether the rules of your union allows to have both coverage plans. Make a wise decision that will benefit you.  Dropping your union or employer coverage is tricky because you find yourself losing it forever since it is hard to get it back.

Be wise and know whether to drop one and pick one. Medicare advantage plans are beneficial to those who have joined.

Why Are People Not Buying Plan N?

Medicare supplement plans offer superior coverage to Medicare advantage plans, which is the reason a large number of seniors are planning to do the switch amid the forthcoming yearly enrollment time. Be that as it may, simply choosing to switch back to another Medicare and supplemental insurance isn’t sufficient, one should likewise choose which Medicare supplement plan they might want to buy. This can be an important choice considering there are such a large number of choices.


Medicare supplement plan F is still by far the best and most common plan. the majority of seniors who buy supplemental insurance pick this plan knowing they will rarely pay for any medical or hospital administrations. There are zero out-of-the-pocket costs for any therapeutic service when secured by plan F. There are other popular plans, in spite of the fact that they won’t offer the best coverage.


Medicare supplement plan N has been a major hit since its release on June first, 2010. Be that as it may, the majority of seniors aren’t getting it do to the $20 co-payments. Specialists thing that the main reason is on the grounds that they are tired of Medicare advantage plans and a full coverage is the thing that they need. Most Medicare advantage plans expect you to pay a co-installment each time you visit the specialist, which is like plan N. Remember, unless you visit the specialist frequently, plan N is always less expensive over the long haul than plan F.


Medigap supplement plans are the ideal answer for seniors who require a great deal of medical services, or are sick of paying co-installments for all their medicinal needs. While plan F may be the most popular plan accessible, plan N ought to be considered if you are on a tight spending plan. Remember you can always visit any specialist or healing center as long as they acknowledge Medicare.


There are numerous reasons why seniors are switching from advantage plans to Medicare supplement plans. Some are sick of paying co-installments, some have specialists and doctors who never acknowledged their plan, and some have insurance agencies that never offered protection in their neighborhood. Despite their reason, they should take comfort knowing Medicare supplemental protection offers superior coverage the majority of the time.


There are numerous approaches to get cites for Medicare supplement plans. You can contact each company directly, call your local doctor, or counsel with a national protection agent. Despite how you gather information, the costs for these plans will all be the same as they are settled and should be endorsed within the state’s branch of protection. In any case, the critical thing to recall is each company will charge a different cost for the same plan, which implies it is beneficial to look at the lowest cost.