testosterone replacement therapy

Key role in the life of a man playing the level of testosterone. This hormone affects all the organs and systems of life. If the level of testosterone drops, increases the risk of cardio - vascular disease, obesity, decreased libido, atherosclerosis, prostatitis.

For 24 hours then reduced testosterone levels then increased. The greatest number of androgens in the blood in the morning and in the evening, this level is reduced. Also, if you went to the gym the gym, the level of testosterone podskachet. But if you put yourself constantly enormous physical stress, the androgen levels will fall.

Should know that testosterone levels depends on age, lifestyle (bad habits, lack of a balanced diet), health, psychological state. For this reason, in men aged 40 years deteriorating potency, since it is not given sufficient attention to their male health.

To determine the level of testosterone in several ways. The first and most accurate - is renting a general analysis of blood, the second - by external characteristics. To obtain the exact amount of the hormone is better to do a blood test in different clinics and take the average. The meaning of this approach is that different days of testosterone levels may vary. However, it is best to be tested in the morning, that is, before eating, smoking and physical activity.

“To increase the testosterone is best to begin to move more, walk more, go to the gym, squat with a barbell. Also, eliminate from your diet all fatty foods, sweet, flour. By following these two principles in a month level will jump back to normal, and your body is transformed nice, you will become more athletic look. Despite all the lights physicians overall trend in men is that more men do not look after them and do nothing to improve it.”

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